QRAM Office

Phone: 07 4032 5022

General Enquiries:

Fax: 07 4032 5011

Postal Address: PO Box 1164N, CAIRNS Nth, QLD  4870

Street Address: Room 5 (Serbian Ctr), 73-79 Greenslopes St, Edge Hill  QLD  4870

General Manager:  Mr Gerry Pyne

Project Manager: Mr Ian Watson
Mob: 0448 801 381

QRAM Technical Services

Mr Shane Gibson

Mob: 0407 176 998


3 responses to “Contact

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  2. Hello,
    do you know that Australian aboriginals have racial brothers
    in Southern India and Sri Lanka?

    They are called Kol, Bheel, santal, munda, Banshforh, Malpahari,etc.

    Scientists call them “Proto-Australoids”,
    and they are considered the indigenous peoples of India.

    Some of them might be referred to as Atavasi or Veddoids.
    They look similar to Australian Aboriginals, even after tens of
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    Some of these races were found in an ancient civilization called Harappan(i.e. the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro).

    Do you think that Australian Aboriginals could open diplomatic relations with some of these racial groups in the region of India?

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