Black Star Sound Quality Is Cutting Edge!

We are proud to announce today that Black Star listeners at Normanton, Atherton Tablelands and Yarrabah are  enjoying even higher quality sound from their radios, from this week onwards.

QRAM has now deployed world renowned Nautel Transmitters at these sites and these are currently being fitted with Orban audio processing systems.

Orban Audio Processor Remote Screen

Orban Audio Processor Remote Screen

Orban holds top position within the Broadcasting Industry for their quality audio processing equipment and we are pleased to be able to bring  ‘top of the range’ systems to Black Star Radio listeners.

People living in remote communities are entitled to a quality radio service as good as any that can be heard in capital cities and we are working hard to ensure this is achieved. This upgrade has lifted the sound quality heard to a new level and people wont be disappointed.

The new state of the art systems are directly integrated into Black Star’s remote WAN systems and can be monitored and adjusted in real time from QRAM Central in Cairns.

This is the new world in broadcasting and Black Star is keeping Queensland’s remote communities’ right up on the cutting edge for new technology as well as programming philosophy.

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