Nurse Navigators are Go

What are nurse navigators you may well ask?

Nurse Navigators are a team of registered nurses who provide a service for patients who have complex health conditions and require a high degree of comprehensive, clinical care.These nurses are highly experienced and have an in-depth understanding of the health system.

Nurse Navigators help patients with chronic illnesses and hospitalisations, as well as travel to major hospitals to visit patients away from their communities. For patients the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Services Nurse Navigator program is heaven sent. Navigators work with patients with chronic and complex care needs of 1500 clients on its books. Torres and Cape HHS Unit Manager Rachel Sargent talking with Greg Reid on Morning Focus said their job was to smooth a patients journey through the health system,she was joined in the studio with Eileen Lampton an experienced indigenous Navigator support officer told Greg ,that she had a passion for indigenous health.

The staff of nine Navigators and 2 indigenous Nurse Navigator Support Officers are the single point of contact and support for the regions some of the most vulnerable and complex patients. Rachel Sargent said that the Torres and Cape HHS was the only health service in Queensland the employed indigenous nurses in the Navigator program as support officers.

Listen to Rachel and Eileen here


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