February Jocks

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Born on this day in 1990
NRL footballer Jake friend recruited to the Sydney Roosters.
On this day in 1988:
The “Daily Pilot” newspaper began publication on Thursday island.
On this day in  1969:
Australia became a signatory to the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination. The CERD treaty was to come under increased scrutiny in the 1990s as Australia failed to fulfil its obligations to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

On this day in 2011
Cyclone Yasi crosses over north Queensland causing billions of dollars of damage. Palm Island loses its over 100-year-old Old Fig Tree, a story place of the community. People as far as 700 km away feel the force of the storm which triggers the biggest domestic deployment of the defense forces.
On this day in 2011Australia Post becomes the first Government Business Enterprise to create a Reconciliaton Action Plan (RAP). It celebrates it with the release of an invitation-only commemorative stamp featuring Ellen Pangerian (1847-1877), also known as Helen Mary Cuper, who was the first Indigenous Post Mistress in Australia.
Born on this day in 1991 AFL footballer Lewis Broome  recruited by the  West Coast Eagles
Born on this day in 1984 soccer player  Fred Agius played in the A league for NTH Queensland, he played Australian Rules footy for the SNAFL.
On this day in  1990: Bran Nue Day, a musical play by singer/composer Jimmy Chi, premiered at the Octagon Theatre as part of the Festival of Perth.
On this day in 1998: The Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts opened in Queensland under the leadership of renowned Aboriginal dancer Michael Leslie.
On this day in  2000: ATSIC Chair Geoff Clark said he had not called for “mass protests and an Olympic boycott,” as reported Mr Clark said the ATSIC Board had no official policy on a boycott of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Born On this day in 1989 AFL footballer Daniel Wells  recruited by North Melbourne
Born On this Day in 1980
NRL Fred Biggs, played with Canterbury Bulldogs
On this day in 1942:
War Cabinet approved the Army’s plan to create ‘uniform conditions’ for all branches of the Army. However, no mention was made of the discriminatory pay levels imposed upon the Torres Strait Islanders.
On this day in  1990:
Captain Reginald Saunders, the first Aboriginal Officer to becommissioned in the Australian Defense Forces, died aged 69.
On this day in 1998
: Larrakia dancers performed for the fist time in Northern Territory Legislative Assembly during the lunch-time break in proceedings.
On this day in 1999:
The Kakadu Board of Management held talks with Environment Minister, Robert Hill, after a twelve month breakdown in relations over proposed changes to management of Kakadu.
On this day in  1999:
Torres Strait Islanders gathered at the TRAWQ Community Hall on to collectively plan a system of self government.
On this day in  1999:
The Northern Land Council outlined serious legal, ramifications in the Reeves Report which recommended major changes to the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act. Galarrwuy Yunupingu, said the report lacked credibility.

On this day in 1999: Queensland Land Tribunal Chairman, Graeme Neate, was sworn in as the new President of the National Native Title Tribunal.                                     

On this day in 1939 The first-ever mass strike of Aboriginal people in Australia occurs, called the Cummeragunja Walk-off. Over 150 Aboriginal people pack-up and leave Cummeragunja Aboriginal Station in protest at the cruel treatment and exploitation of residents by the management. They walk 66kms and cross the border from New South Wales into Victoria in contravention of the rules of the New South Wales Protection Board. The opera Pecan Summer tells the story of the walk-off.
Born on this day in 1926 in Kempsey NSW Dave Sands Empire and Australian middleweight champion. He was ranked no 3 middle weight in the world behind Sugar Ray Robinson, he could not get a crack at the title many said that Sugar Ray was afraid to fight him. He died tragically from a truck roll over at Dungog NSW aged 26.
Born on this day in1983 AFL footballer Andrew J Krakour recruited by Richmond.
Born on this day in 1983 AFL footballer Steven Koops he played for Freemantle and the
Born on this day in 1979 AFL footballer Corey McGath he played 78 games with Essendon & Carlton
On this day in 1985 Minister Clyde Holding announced he would not extend the National Aboriginal Conference (NAC)’s term after 30 June.
On this day in 1993: Aboriginal activist and writer Kevin Gilbert of Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi descent, died aged 60.
On this day in 1997: The report “The Health and Welfare of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’, was launched by the Governor General, Sir William Deane.

Born on this day in 1988
Esikeli Tonga NRL played for Gold Coast Titans
On this day in  2002: Cape York regional organisations united to form a Regional response to the various government initiatives arising out of the Cape York Justice Study.
On this day in  2002: The interim report of the Gordon Inquiry in Western Australia was presented to the premier Geoff Gallop. The report noted that ‘family violence and child abuse was widespread in Aboriginal Communities and present a crisis of frightening magnitude’

Born on this day in 1966
AFL footballer Russell Jefferies he played 42 games with Saint Kilda and was inducted into the NT hall of fame in 2010.
On this day in  1791: Governor Phillip changed the name of Rosehill to the Aboriginal name of Parramatta.
On this day in  1967: Don Dunstan became Premier of South Australia. Dunstan became a great inspiration to Aboriginal people because of his outstanding campaigning for Indigenous rights.
On this day in 1982: Aboriginal people at Hermannsburg were given freehold title to their land.
On this day in 1987: The Aboriginal Land Act gave Aboriginal rights to government land located at Lake Condah and Framlingham Forest in Victoria.
On this day in 1997: The Chairperson of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, Mr Patrick Dodson presented a report entitled ‘Weaving the Threads – Progress Towards Reconciliation’ to Federal Parliament.

On this day in 1967: Famous Aboriginal inventor and author David Unaipon (who’s face appears on $50 note) died aged 94.
On this day in 1998: After eighteen months of negotiation, a final dramatic day of talks ended with the passing of the Wik bill, which set the ground rules on Aboriginal Native Title rights.

On this day in 1965:
The Australian Labor Party deleted the White Australia Policy from its immigration policy
On this day in 2003: The AFL clash between the ATSIC Chairman’s All-Stars and the Carlton Football Club on this day was much more than just a football match, according to ATSIC Chairman, Mr Geoff Clark and Northern Territory Minister for Sport and Recreation, Mr John Ah Kit.

Born on this day in 1963 AFL football player Phil Eagan he was recruited by Richmond and later played 1 game for the Demons.
Born on this day in 1988 AFL footballer Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls recruited by Richmond.
Born on this day in 1981 Joss Ross track and field is the third fastest sprinter of all time behind Patrick and Matt Shirvington 

On this day in 1792: Captain William Bligh discovered a new opening in the Great Barrier Reef and named it the Bligh Entrance. Bligh’s crew was thought to be the Europeans to see Erub Island, with Bligh naming it Darnley.
On this day in  1886: The Western Australian Government established an Aboriginal Protection Board with powers to control Aboriginal reserves.
On this day in  1991: The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation was established with the unanimous support of the Federal Parliament.
On this day in 1996: The Queensland Government announced plans to set up a broadly representative Indigenous committee to advise it on all issues impacting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
On this day in  2002: Western Australian Premier Geoff Gallop unveiled a sculpture commemorating the 1946 Pilbara pastoral strike at Leap Park in Port Hedland. The strike involved Aboriginal pastoral workers and their families walking off pastoral stations throughout the Pilbara in protest over poor wages and living conditions

On this day in 1981:
The South Australian Pitjantjatjara Land Rights Act 1981 was proclaimed, providing for more than 100,000 square kilometers of land in the northwest to be handed over to nine elected Councillors.
On this day in 1991: Yothu Yindi became Australia’s first Aboriginal band to achieve a top forty hit with ‘Treaty’. The video version of Treaty went on to win the Best Australian Video section in the International Music Television Awards at Los Angeles in the United States.
On this day in  1996: The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission found that the Queensland Government breached the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act of 1975 by not paying award wages to six Palm Islander workers.
Born on this day in 1971 AFL footballer Shane Tongerie recruited by Adelaide crows.
On this day in  1996: The conference ‘Citizenship and a Just Recognition of the Status of Indigenous Peoples’ was attended by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social
Justice Commissioner, Mr Mick Dodson he presented the fKeynote Address and also chaired another session during the conference.
On this day in 2002: An access agreement allowing resources exploration in a Cooper Basin Petroleum Exploration License area in South Australia was signed by the region’s traditional owners and the licensee. The agreement was signed between the native title claimants – the Yandruwandha/Yawarrawarrka people, and the explorer – Stuart Petroleum.

On this day in  1989:
The revised ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) Bill was brought before parliament and passed.
On this day in 1999: Tennis New South Wales paid tribute to sporting great Evonne Goolagong  by naming the Number One Court at the Olympic Games tennis venue after her.
On this day in  2001: The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (NSW) hosted a forum to assess the results of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. The Royal Commission, which cost $30m, produced 339 recommendations in 1991, with at least 140 of those applying to NSW still Outstanding.
On this day in 2003: ATSIC joined forces with Education Queensland and the Australian Sports Commission to back an Indigenous sports program it hopes will help produce the next generation of Cathy Freeman’s and Gordon Tallis’s.

On this day in 2008
 For the first time in government history Aboriginal people perform a Welcome to Country as the federal parliament opens after the break.
Born on this day in 1950 AFL Footballer Alan Bloomfield  recruited by North Melbourne from Ainslie in 1970 played 13 games.
On this day in 1996: The Barkindji people of the lower Darling River region and the Governments of New South Wales and South Australia reached an agreement for a long-term management plan on Lake Victoria.
On this day in 1998: Indigenous Australian delegations at the United Nations called on the Australian Government to clarify once and for all its position and approach to the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.
On this day in  1998: The Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy, Judy Spence, opened new Cultural and Programs area at the Sir David Longland Correctional Centre  and announced $75,000 funding from the Beattie Government, to assist with the re-opening of the Wujal Wujal Store on Cape York Peninsula.

On this day in 2008 The Australian Parliament apoligised to the stolen generations. Both the government and the opposition support the apology and say ‘sorry’ to Aboriginal people who were taken away from their families from 1900 to the 1970’s.
On this day in 2008 Sir William Deane and former Prime Ministers Paul Keating, Bob Hawke, Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser were all seated on the floor of the Parliament to hear Prime Minister Kevin Rudd deliver upon the recommendation of the “Bringing them Home” report, a formal apology on the part of the Australian nation for the suffering inflicted as a result of the stolen generations. Conspicuous by his absence was the former Prime Minister, John Howard. Western Australian polls show that western Australians the least to be in favor of an apology.
On this day in 2009 The Australian government promises to establish the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation which will deal with the “trauma experienced by all Aboriginal people as the after-effect of colonisation” but with a particular focus on the Stolen Generations. The foundation won’t deliver healing services, instead it will fund healing work, educate communities and social workers and evaluate healing programs to find out what works.
On this day 1n 2010 The Indigenous All Stars team plays the National Rugby League All Stars, two years after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations.
On this day in 1965: Charles Perkins and a number of white students from the University of Sydney, took a bus ride through north-western NSW, in a bid to end segregation in places such as cinemas and swimming pools and to draw attention to the depressed living conditions of Aboriginal people.
Born on this day in 1989 Tahj Rodney Minniecorn soccer player striker in the A league for Gold Coast
On this day in  2003: The Commonwealth Government implemented steps to combat the problem of some merchants using Indigenous Australians’ electronic bank cards as security for store credit.

On this day in 2008 Senator Andrew Bartlett introduces the Stolen Generation Compensation Bill into the Senate. The bill calls for ex gratia payments (i.e. without any liability or legal obligation) to be made to the Stolen Generations of Aboriginal children. The Senate rejects the bill.
On this day in  1958: The first Federal Conference of Aboriginal Organisations began in Adelaide.
On this day in  2003: Information on Yorke Peninsula’s cultural heritage received a significant shot in the arm with the launch of a new book focusing on the history and genealogies of the Narungga people.
On this day in 2012  Three former Aboriginal children’s homes are added to the NSW State Heritage Register: Cootamundra, Bomaderry Aboriginal Children’s Home and Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home.

Born on this day in 1987 NRL footballer Jarrod Summit played for the panthers and super league for the crusaders. Also played Rugby Union
Born on this day in 1980 Rugby Union Player Milton Thiaday after a stint at union Milton returned to the Newcastle knights.
On this day in  1999:  Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Chairperson Evelyn Scott was disappointed that a meeting between Mr Ruddock and representatives of the Tent Embassy did not occur.

Born on this day in 1973 Cathy Freeman OAM, Olympic Gold Champion for the 400 meters at the Sydney Olympics. Born in Mackay Queensland she lit the Olympic Torch at the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.
On this day in  1958: The Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines was founded in Adelaide at a Federal Conference attended by nine Aboriginal organisations.
On this day in  1999 Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Chairperson Evelyn Scott  presented the Governor-General, Sir William Deane, with a copy of the Draft Document for Reconciliation

On this day in 1965: Thirty Aboriginal school children were allowed entry to the Moree swimming pool after Sydney University students protested against racism. The university students were members of the Action for Aborigines Council led by Charles Perkins.
On this day in 1999: The Townsville, ATSIC Regional Council, called for ‘urgent action’ by the police and the State Government in a bid to prevent more attacks on Aboriginal people in Townsville parks before someone died.
On this day in 2010 Singer and actress Ruby Hunter dies of a heart attack aged 54.

On this day in 1992
: The Aboriginal Children’s Kindergarten opened in Hobart.
On this day in  1999: A native title agreement was signed by members of the Analway, Dthungutti and Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal Nations, and Hillgrove Mining.
On this day in 1999: Three young Indigenous Queenslanders were awarded $5,000 scholarships from the Queensland Department of Main Roads
On this day in  2003: Queensland Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy Judy Spence approved $10,000 funding to support an exhibition of the Indigenous art of Cape York.

Born on this day in
1980 NRL footballer P.J Marsh he played for Parramatta Eels, and the New Zealand warriors.
On this day in 1942: Japanese fighters on their way to attack Darwin peeled off from the bomber formations they were escorting and attacked Bathurst Island Mission and its nearby aerodrome.
On this day in 1993: The people of Bourke paid homage to renowned eye specialist Professor Fred Hollows. His coffin was draped with the Nepalese and Eritrean flags as well as an Aboriginal Commemorative Blanket.
On this day in  1997: Greens Senator Dee Margetts moved an amendment designed to make the government’s Native Title Amendment Bill wholly subject to the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA).
On this day in 1998: Queensland’s first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Economic Development Strategy was released by Economic Development and Trade Minister,
On this day in  1999: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Minister, John Herron, unveiled proposed areas for which eligible organisations would be invited to apply for recognition as Representative Bodies under the amended Native Title Act 1993.
On this day in 2002: Central Queensland University (CQU) and ATSIC’s Central Queensland Regional Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding, the first of its kind between an Indigenous peak body and a Queensland university
On this day in  2003: The Australian Film Commission (AFC) launched Skin, Kin and Country: Stories from Black Australia, five new documentaries directed by Indigenous filmmakers.

Born on this day in 1977 AFL footballer Michael O’Loughlin he was recruited by Sydney Swans.
On this day in in 1964 Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory were recognised as full citizens after legislation passed through the Northern Territory Legislative Council.
On this day in  1979: ‘Kullark’, the first play by Jack Davis, was performed for the first time at Titan Theater, Perth. Three years later, another of his plays, ‘The Dreamers’, was performed in Perth. In 1985, Davis was made a Member of the Order of Australia.
On this day in 1996: The Cape York Peninsula Heads of Agreement, the first of its kind in Australia’s history, was signed by the Cape York Land Council, the Cattlemen’s Union of Australia, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Wilderness Society and the Peninsula Regional Council of ATSIC. It addressed the concepts of co-existence and sharing the land.
On this day in 1998: Honouring Emily Kame Kngwarreye Alhalkere – Paintings from Utopia, a Queensland Art Gallery Travelling Exhibition, commenced at the Queensland Art Gallery.


Born on this day in 1974  In Dubbo NSW NRL great David Peachey played most of his careeer with the Cronulla Sharks also played for the South Sydney Rabitos, Represented Australia
Born on this day in 1970 AFL Footballer Shane Cable  son of the legendary Barry Cable he played only one game for West Coast eagles he turned up to the ground as an emergency replacing Chris waterman who was late for a team meeting, that was his only AFL game, he later played for the Aboriginal dream team.
On this day in 1997: A meeting in Doomadgee, called by the claimants who signed the agreement with the Queensland Government and Century Zinc so that the Century Project could go ahead, called on the remaining claimants to abide by the wishes of the majority of people in the Gulf and sign the agreement.


On this day in 1972: With Parliament in session, a rally outside Parliament House called for land rights. In The Age newspaper, Michelle Grattan stated: “the Aborigines were making a symbolic stand against all the injustices they felt at the hands of white society. It was an occasion for stressing ‘blackness'”.
On this day in 1990: Bran Nue Dae, a musical play written by singer/composer Jimmy Chi, member of the band Cockles  in Broome, premiered at the Octagon Theater for the Festival of Perth.
On this day in 2001: Queensland Minister Judy Spence said she was honored to be reappointed Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy.
On this day in 2001: A major conference of world Indigenous Peoples  in Sydney adopted a draft report to be forwarded to the United Nations World Conference on Racism.
On this day in  2002: An agreement was signed in Rockhampton between ATSIC and Department of Families committing the two agencies to develop better services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the region.
On this day in 2002: The inaugural national Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) Achievement Awards was held in Adelaide, showcasing the talent and commitment of Indigenous workers across Australia.

On this day in 2010
The Queensland Parliament amends the Constitution of Queensland to include a preamble honoring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians. The preamble now reads: “The people of Queensland, free and equal citizens of Australia… honor the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the First Australians, whose lands, winds and waters we all now share; and pay tribute to their unique values, and their ancient and enduring cultures, which deepen and enrich the life of our community…”
On this day in 1838: The violent colonial administration of Lieutenant-Colonel Snodgrass ended. Snodgrass had appointed Major James Nunn, whose men had killed and shackled a number of Aboriginal people in north-western New South Wales at Waterloo Creek.
Born on this day in 1984 AFL footballer Marty Mcgrath he was drafted by Richmond.
Born on this day in 1990 NRL Footballer Robert Lui  he plays for the West Tigers
On this day in 1965: A replacement bus driver was flown into Grafton to take over the tour of New South Wales Aboriginal settlements by some students from Sydney University. Sixteen-stone Ernie Albrecht replaced Bill Packenham who withdrew from the Freedom Rides, lead by Charles Perkins, because he considered the trip too dangerous.
On this day in 1972: In a ministerial statement on Aboriginal Land Rights, Minister for the Environment, Aborigines and the Arts Mr Peter Howson reiterated the Government’s policy and claimed that freehold ownership of land was ‘alien to them.
On this day in 1972: Minister for the Interior Mr Ralph Hunt told Parliament the Government was considering the question of ensuring that the area opposite Parliament House was reserved for orderly and peaceful demonstrations, but not one on which people could camp indefinitely.
On this day in  1999: The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission and the South Australian Government signed a bilateral housing agreement to improve outcomes in the delivery of services to Aboriginal people in the State.

Born on this day in 1991
AFL footballer Liam Jones he was recruited by the Western Bulldogs.
On this day 1825: Two Aboriginal men known as ‘Mosquito’ were convicted on limited evidence, sentenced to death and hanged . One of the men was a cricketer – a brother of James Cuzens of Framlingham mission, Victoria – who toured England with the Aboriginal cricket team in 1868.
On This day in 1842: The Lubra Creek Massacre occurred on Caramut station, western Victoria. Two Gunditjmara families were sleeping at Boggy Gully when a party of six on horseback surrounded the gully, dismounted and fired their guns, killing four people, four women (one of whom was heavily pregnant) and a male child. Another woman was seriously wounded and subsequently died.
On this day 1999: The protest strategy used by opponents of the proposed Jabiluka uranium mine was vindicated when the Jabiluka Action Group nationally was awarded the inaugural ‘Non-violent Conflict Management Award’ by Freedom from Violence Australia.
On this day 1999: In the first major Indigenous reaction, Queensland’s elected Indigenous representatives rejected proposals by the Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Senator Herron, to change the existing boundaries and reduce the number of Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRB’s) in Queensland.
On this day 1999: Interviews were commenced at Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, by the Commission of Inquiry into the abuse of children in Queensland.
On this day in 1842: The bodies of three Aboriginal women and one male child were found in the Portland District according to George Robertson’s listing of ‘Aborigines – Outrages’ in the 1879 Australian dictionary of dates.

Born on this day in Darwin in 1971 athlete and hockey-player Nova Peris Kneebone. She was the first Aboriginal person to win Olympic gold as part of the 1996 Atlanta women’s hockey team.
On this day in 1997: A three-member panel was appointed by the National Native Title Tribunal to arbitrate on the grant of mining leases to Century Zinc Ltd.
On this day in 2002: Tasmania’s Aboriginal community gathered on North Bruny Island  to celebrate the return of land that was once the homeland of Aboriginal ancestors.
On this day in  2003: Five specialist Indigenous Sports Officers were employed by the ATSIC Many Rivers Regional Council and the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation to implement a new 12 month plan.

Born on this day in 1981
boxer Daniel Geale in Launceston, Tasmania. Daniel was the Tasmanian, Australian and Oceania Welterweight champion.
On this day in  1999: Aboriginal rights campaigners, Jacqui Katona and Christine Christopherson, began a twelve-day jail sentence in Berrimah prison for trespass on the Jabiluka Mineral Lease.
On this day in 1999: The results of a twelve-month inquiry by Human Rights Commissioner Chris Sidoti into remote and rural issues found that there was a deplorable lack of health services for Aboriginal communities, and remote Aboriginal communities were unlikely to provide schooling beyond primary level.
On this day in  2002: The preservation of Aboriginal heritage during land development in Western Australia was given a stronger focus with the release of the State Government’s Aboriginal Heritage Procedures manual.
On this day in 2008 The final report of the Hope Coroner’s report into 22 deaths in the Kimberley reports that conditions have been worsening, remedial education is not available for children who get left behind in education, fetal alcohol syndrome stunts the development of many Aboriginal children, and suicide rates are high.
Despite spending $1.2 million a year on the problems, there was a lack of leadership at State and Commonwealth levels and the funding was divided between 22 non-government and government programs. The Aboriginal owned pub at Fitzroy Crossing, has not returned profits to the owners in 18 years (all profits being taken by white managers). The government is accused of ignoring the earlier report of General John Sanderso in these issues Carol Martin, the first Aboriginal woman in Western Australian parliament, says that the Hope report has nothing that people did not already know. The Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Cultural Center (KALACC) says that despite their submission there was no recommendation concerning specialised services for the young.

Born on this day in 1980 NRL footballer Scott Prince he plays for the gold coast Titans.
On this day in 1968: Lionel Rose won the World Bantamweight title, the first Aboriginal person to win a world boxing title. Reports at the time stated: “Lionel Rose, a shy bush boy with brilliant hands, out-boxed Japan’s Masahiko ‘Fighting’ Harada, to win the bantamweight championship of the world in Tokyo.”
On this day in 1991: The Pemulwuy Koori College opened in Newtown, Sydney.
On this day in 1998: Northern Land Council Chairman, Galarrwuy Yunupingu, said that the Federal Court decision handed down on this day on the Oilnet historical freehold native title case was disappointing. “The judge has found that a grant of freehold over 100 years ago permanently extinguishes Native Title rights,” he said. “I don’t believe that can be sustained.”
On this day in 2002: It was announced that Central Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Islander service men and women were to be given some long awaited public recognition for their military service to their country.

On this Day 2003: ATSIC commissioners strongly reaffirmed the independence of ATSIC and rejected calls for the abolition of ATSIC

Born on this day in 1988 AFL footballer Lindsay Thomas
On this day in 1965:  Humbert Tommy Nyuwinkarri, the last ‘wild bush man’ among the Ngarinman people, shot himself in the head and died. He had been advised that he could not have access to his accumulated wages.
On this day in 1968: W C Wentworth was appointed minister in charge of Aboriginal Affairs under the Prime Minister, John Grey Gorton
On this day in 1998: ATSIC launched an important new resource for those wanting to understand Indigenous issues. ‘As a Matter of Fact: Answering the Myths and Misconceptions about Indigenous Australians’
On this day in 1999: Premier Jim Bacon of Tasmania handed control of Wybalenna on  Flinders Island to the Aboriginal Land Council in recognition of its significance
On this day  2001: The launch of a national design competition to create Reconciliation Place in the heart of the National Capital.
On this day in  2001: The announcement of a strategic partnership between Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre and Magabala Books Aboriginal Corporation in Western Australia was celebrated with the launch of three of Magabala Books On this day in 2008 Aboriginal leader Robert Bropho  is jailed for 3 years for pedophilia. District Court judge Peter Nisbet said Bropho, 78, was arrogant, a bully and a repeat liar who had committed an act of “cynical depravity” when he bailed the young girl out of a juvenile detention centre, then raped her on the way home. After hearing DNA evidence, Judge Nisbet found Bropho was the father of two of the victim’s children


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