Technical Services

QRAM’s Technical Services are provided by Gerry Pyne.  Gerry Pyne is highly qualified industry expert and has a long history of accomplishment in audio engineering FM and AM transmitter experience and at the cutting edge of DAB broadcasting systems. He was responsible for the setting up of the National Indigenous Radio Service and the engineering and installation of the Black Star network, digital design of the black Star network and consultant for Commercial broadcaster Indigenous Stations TEABBA, and SEIMA/Fame in Melbourne.

QRAM Technical Services are dedicated to Indigenous Broadcasting and provides support to RIBS broadcasting units throughout the Cape York, Gulf Country and Western Queensland.

QRAM’s qualified Technical Services Team is on call for community  maintenance visits to carry out broadcasting equipment maintenance checks and minor on-site repairs.

Our Technical Services Team also participate in the training of broadcasting staff to operate the highly integrated R.C.S digital systems and Wheatstone interface suite of hardware & software that is required to run the Black Star network. The team is on hand to activate any I.T. roll outs and maintains the whole office LAN and the Wide Area Network WAN, which is the beating heart of the Black Star network. QRAM’s broadcasting technical services are now operating out of the cloud. Data storage in the cloud gives Black Star an advantage over its rivals and delivers an efficient faster and better quality service to its 16 stations and 22 towns.

If your community is experiencing any broadcasting communications breakdown please contact our office or our Technical Services Team directly.  Please visit our Contact Us page on this website for all our contact details.

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