Wujal Wujal

Broadcasting Type:              Broadcasting Radio
License No:                            10207
Frequency:                             107.7 FM
Wujal Wujal Began Broadcasting on the 5/10/1992

Photo Jim Remedio

Wujal Wujal community is situated in South-Eastern Cape York on the Bloomfield River, 172 km north of Cairns and 70 km south of Cooktown.  The community covers 11.2 square km, and includes 6 outstations most of which are permanently occupied.

Wujal Wujal has a population of 361; mostly KuKu Yalanji people with about 30 traditional owner clan groups.  The main clan group languages are Kuku Yalanji, Kuku Nyungul and Jalunji.

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3 responses to “Wujal Wujal

  1. Hi I would like to advertise the Wallaby Creeks festival in Wujal Wujal and on Black Star radio… Who can I talk to? I envision a 15sec ad along the lines of:
    Looking for somewhere to spend your next long weekend? Wallaby Creek Festival is on near Cooktown. Don’t miss this music and arts festival in the rainforest. Volunteers are still needed so go to http://www.wallabycreekfestival.org.au to register.

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  3. Hi all
    Just wanted to say how much we love listening to black star – wajul wajul down here in Daintree on vast channel 920
    Listen almost every day and always wished that the names and artists of songs were announced a little more but have now downloaded the listening app too and – problem solved! We often hear songs we live and want to know name/artist and now can get on the app and there they are!
    Anyway just wanted to say hello and we are listening here in Kuku yalanji country ❤️

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