License Type: Broadcasting Radio
License Number: 1171768
Service License No: SL1171133
Spectrum Access: 1171940
Carrier Frequency: FM  94.5 MHz
Site ID: 152872
Broadcasting Site: Napranum Community Napranum QLD
Max ERP 600W

Napranum began broadcasting on the 5/10/1992 and  connected to the Black Star Network on 13/9/2012

Napranum is situated on Western Cape York near Weipa.  It occupies 1993.7 square km.Napranum’s population of 921 includes Indigenous people who are not traditional owners.  Many came originally from Coen, Mapoon, Aurukun and other communities.  Napranum also has a large population of Torres Strait Island People.

Weipa Mission was established in 1898 after E. Brown, who had trained with the Reverend Hey at Mapoon, was sent to establish a mission on the Embley River at Weipa.  In 1904, 2500 square miles were gazetted as an Aboriginal reserve.  Indigenous men from Mapoon assisted in the establishment of the new mission.

With the discovery of bauxite in 1956 in the Weipa area, and the subsequent granting of mining leases and construction of the Port of Weipa, the mission was moved next to the new township.

In 1966 the control of the mission was transferred from the Presbyterian Church to the Queensland Government.  At this time Comalco made numerous attempts to relocate the whole community of Napranum elsewhere, but then opted to build a new town across the Albatross Bay (Weipa).  Many people migrated to Napranum in search of work opportunities with Comalco and have subsequently made their homes there.  In 1989 local government responsibility was given to the Napranum Council.

Napranum’s community services include a health clinic, child care and preschool programs.  A bus service between Napranum and Weipa transports children to and from the school every day.

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