QRAM Office

Phone| 07 4032 5022

General Enquiries|

Fax| 07 4032 5011

Postal Address| PO Box 1164N, CAIRNS NORTH, QLD  4870

Street Address| Room 4 & 5 (Serbian Centre), 73-79 Greenslopes Street, Edge Hill  QLD  4870

General Manager|  Mr Gerry Pyne

QRAM Technical Services

Mr Bill Wilson

Mobile| 0417 646 903


5 responses to “Contact

  1. Hello,
    do you know that Australian aboriginals have racial brothers
    in Southern India and Sri Lanka?

    They are called Kol, Bheel, santal, munda, Banshforh, Malpahari,etc.

    Scientists call them “Proto-Australoids”,
    and they are considered the indigenous peoples of India.

    Some of them might be referred to as Atavasi or Veddoids.
    They look similar to Australian Aboriginals, even after tens of
    thousands of years of separation.

    Some of these races were found in an ancient civilization called Harappan(i.e. the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro).

    Do you think that Australian Aboriginals could open diplomatic relations with some of these racial groups in the region of India?

    • Not sure in response to your proposal.

      However in Bundaberg region there is a large family of Sri Lankan/Aboriginal people. Sri Lankan indentured workers were bought over to work in sugar cane industry in the 1800s and a few stayed on instead of going back home which was Ceylon at the time.

  2. HI Blackstar just dropping a line to say I enjoy your format..I’m listening via satellite via VanSAT. I’ve just retired from commercial radio after 40 something years and look for something different in radio format, once I found you guys my Motorhome has it on during the day and find it very interesting with the music…Congrats to you all doing a very good job and will keep it tuned when I can

    • Thanks John for your comments. We are glad to have you on board and hope you continue to enjoy our format.

  3. Hi there Greg it’s the Wolfman from ngarralinyi radio here on the mid north Coast of nsw ; i have a proposal for blackstar radio. I do a requestline and weird and wonderful facts so people can forget about their problems and to enjoy themselves and have a laugh here on the mid coast and we play everything you play an we do Australia’s longest Requestline with The Wolfman & Little Red Riding Hood, the community gets involved and people across the world
    Requesting songs to each other and I was wondering if black star radio would like to join us on Saturday night 6.30pm to connect communities in far north Queensland to the mid north Coast by live streaming. Check us out this Saturday night. Our website is Ngarralinyi radio
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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