QRAM works with government, community organisations and local communities to develop content for stations in the Black Star network, including information messages.  Find out more about distribution through Black Star here and our overall strategic vision here.

Contact Us  if you’d like to discuss a project idea.

Current Projects

qram4A Yarn That Could Save A Life

Welcome to Queensland Remote Aboriginal Media’s A Yarn That Could Save A Life Project.

This unique project uses a series of engaging, informative, and sometimes humorous radio plays
• Raise awareness among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of the facts about organ and tissue donation
• Address existing barriers that may be preventing people from discussing organ and tissue donation and becoming donors
• Raise awareness of the importance of discussing and knowing the donation decisions of family members
• Promote DonateLife Week and the availability of information and resources relating to organ and tissue donation

We encourage you to share this great series of six radio plays with your local radio audience.
We also ask that you use these audio segments, as well as the information contained in thisnewsletter, to discuss organ and tissue donation with your listeners.

For more information about this project, please phone: 07 4032 5022, or email:

Additional information about organ and tissue donation is available at

Click here to read the project newsletter: Project Newsletter

And click on the tracks below to listen to our series of radio plays…







In Our Own Words

Each month our project team produces one ten-minute and six one-minute programs, focusing on building community awareness of the health and social impacts of alcohol use and binge drinking.

This year-long project, supported by funding from the Australian Government under the National Binge Drinking Strategy, aims to highlight the risks associated with alcohol and binge-drinking.

Listen Up – For Life

Each month our project team produces one ten-minute and six one-minute programs, focusing on raising the awareness of parents and carers about how ear disease can be recognised, treated and prevented.

This year-long project, funded under the National Indigenous Ear Health Campaign, an initiative of the Australian Government, aims to address the importance issue of ear disease in remote Indigenous communities in Queensland.

Our Community, Our Future

The project broadcasts focus on building community awareness of the importance of eating healthy food, doing regular physical exercise, seeing a health service for regular check ups, giving up smoking, and drinking alcohol at safe levels (or not at all).

This Local Community Campaign was developed with funding from the Australian Government, and aims to provide our communities with practical health promotions content over a period of 12 months.

Our Community, Our Future Extension

This Project has been extended by 12 months, and will run into July 2014. The project will focus on closing the gap programs, eating healthy, the value of a good education,  responsible alcohol drinking,  regular physical exercise, sport.

QRAM with partnership from communities will produce audio programs for play out on the QRAM, Black Star network of 13 stations in the Gulf, Cape York and Western Queensland communities.

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