License Type: Broadcasting Radio
License:             No:10199
Frequency:        106.1 FM
Pormpuraaw began broadcasting on 5/10/1992


Pormpuraaw is situated on Western Cape York, 680 km from Cairns.  It has an area of 4455.8 square km, including 13 homeland outstations occupied on a part-time basis.

Pormpuraaw has a population of 653, including the Thaayorre and Mungkan peoples. Pormpuraaw people are rightly proud of the strength of their language and culture.  Many Pormpuraaw children speak a local Aboriginal language as their first language. The Thaayorre people mainly speak Kuuk Thaayorre and related dialects. The Mungkan people speak a variety of Kugu or Wik languages.

Pormpuraaw was established as an Anglican Mission in 1938.  Many of the previously dispersed peoples from the surrounding lands came to live in the new mission settlement.  It was called Edward River Mission until 1967 when the Anglican Church handed the administration of the community to the Queensland Government.

In 1986 the community council assumed local government responsibilities under a Deed of Grant in Trust.  In 1987 the community changed its name to Pormpuraaw, which was taken from the local dreamtime story about a burnt hut, or Pormpur in traditional owners’ Kuuk Thaayorre language.

Pormpuraaw’s community services include a health care centre, child care centre, women’s shelter, home and community care service, arts centre and primary school.

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