(Video still coming for Aurukun Radio 107.7fm…. just as soon as we can get our crew up there)

License Type;  Broadcasting Radio
License Number 10182
Frequency 107.7 FM
Site Location : Aurukun

Aurukun began broadcasting on the 5/10/1992 and joined the Black Star network on 5/3/2013.

Aurukun Shire is in Western Cape York, 900 km northwest of Cairns and 200 km south of Weipa.  The Shire covers 7,375 square km, and includes 15 outstations that are occupied on a casual basis during the dry season.   The Shire has a population of 1138; predominantly Wik (traditional owners) representing 17 tribal nations.

Wik Munkun is the first language of most Aurukun children, while English is the other dominant language of the area.  Some people are fluent in four or five local languages.

Today’s township is on the site of the original Aurukun Mission, established in 1904 by the Presbyterian Church of Australia (later the Uniting Church of Australia).  Aboriginal people were relocated from a large surrounding area to the mission settlement, many against their will.

During the late 1970s there was much argument and disagreement between the Queensland and Australian Governments over which government had jurisdiction for both the Aurukun and Mornington Island reserves.  Eventually, agreement was reached for the creation of local authorities for the former reserves, and the leasing of land to the newly created councils for 50 years.  On 22 May 1978 the Local Government (Aboriginal Lands) Act, constituted the Aurukun Shire Council and granted to it Aboriginal Land Lease No.1.

Aurukun’s community services include a health clinic, childhood centre, family support hub, women’s shelter, library and schooling to Year 10.  Aurukun is a pilot site for the Cape York Welfare Reform project.

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