Doomadgee joins Black Star

Doomadgee Radio 105.3fm is the latest station to be connected to the Black Star WAN network. Using a fast ADSL broadband connection Doomadgee now receives daily music logs, news, weather and Close the Gap campaign project material.

Gerry Pyne flicks the switch at Doomadgee Radio 105.3fm

The unique system is a first in Indigenous broadcasting is a look into the future of the NBN and how the service will deliver vital media services direct to RIBS for radio stations daily logs.

For the first time ever RIBS will receive information news and weather at the same time as people in the major Capital cities. As we head towards the wet season build-up, the broadband delivered Black Star will not suffer the rain fade of satellite broadcasting which has been a symptom of living in remote Australia’s tropics.

To watch a video about Doomadgee Radio 105.3fm and the town, click here

And to read more abut our trip to Doomadgee, click here.

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