Remote Bush Mob Meet For Annual Festival

The annual IRCA Remote Media Festival is a place for bush media to get together and have fun. It’s a place of sharing culture from their own place and also the culture of the people where the festival is held.

This year the Festival is in the beautiful North West of Western Australia at a place called Lombardina, north of Broome. At Djarindjin College, the broadcasters, film makers, story tellers and some government long socks will enjoy the company of their friends, colleagues and acquaintances and they will meet and make new friends, share their food, tell their own stories and enjoy just being there.

The Festival is a place where people are given an opportunity to share their culture; there is no pressure to be the smartest or the cleverest person.  In the camp, language interpreters are on hand to assist. This is not the big city meeting where you can go back to the plush room and have a shower and a lie down under the air-con, this is camping out under the stars.

QRAM Network Coordinator, Gilmore Johnson will be there promoting all of QRAM’s activities including the new QRAM web site and the activities and information available. Gilmore will be spreading the word about what we are doing and the things that we can offer the sector in technology, training, program content and content-sharing arrangements.

Like all Festivals they just don’t happen on their own and behind the scenes there has been a super effort by the few people who give their time to make the Festival what it is a great place to come  and sit down on someone else’s country.

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