Celtic Thunder on Black Star

George Donaldson is the rugged bald one on the right

George Donaldson is the rugged bald one on the right

Listeners on the Black Star Network will have an opportunity to see the world’s top-selling artists –  Celtic Thunder – perform in Cairns, North Queensland, on January the 23rd, at the start of their Australian tour

If you are looking for a great night of entertainment with music and a show that will take you on a journey back to the Celtic Dreamtime, then you must see this show.

Gilmore Johnson from Black Star interviewed  George Donaldson one of the key artists in the show. A well-established singer in the vibrant Glasgow and West of Scotland folk scene, the Scotsman has performed in folk sessions for BBC Scotland, Glasgow’s own Celtic Connections, the Glasgow West End Festival and at the famed Glasgow Barrowlands. A self-taught musician, Donaldson plays guitar, flute, mandolin, bodhrán and banjo, and has played alongside folk artists including Jim McCann and the Dubliners, across Europe, America and Canada.

Listen here   Celtic Thunder Interview

To date, George has toured in America, Canada and Europe, and has developed a fondness for Germany, where he has a great following. His love of the country, its people and its culture has encouraged him, as an eternal student, to attempt to master the language….!

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