Countdown to Yarrabah Radio Service

Jim Remedio and Gilmore Johnston -Yarrabah radio coming soon.  Photo: Deborah Welch

Jim Remedio and Gilmore Johnston -Yarrabah radio coming soon. Photo: Deborah Welch

After many years of lobbying a Community TCBL license has been approved for the community of Yarrabah by ACMA, the Australian Communications Media Authority. The service is due to start broadcasting from  March 1 on a frequency of 92.9 FM  and will cover Yarrabah and the surrounding homelands.

QRAM, as the lead organisation with its long experience in radio broadcasting support and development, has worked with the Yarrabah Council to achieve the licence and is currently setting up the broadband and transmission infrastructure. The radio station will eventually be part of a multimedia centre and will give opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people to acquire skills in the creative industries of the future.

Watch the video to see the QRAM team on site at Yarrabah.

Test transmissions beginning on March 1, 2013 will carry the QRAM network program of Black Star, already on 11 other stations and covering 26 communities in the Cape York, Gulf of Carpentaria and Western Queensland. Yarrabah Council has identified existing locations for a radio station and, as funding is identified, the community will establish studios and a full station operation.

Other projects on the go for QRAM include a license for the Atherton Tablelands to service towns including Atherton, Mareeba, Dimbulah, Malanda, Tolga, Kairi and Ravenshoe, which have large populations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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