Marngrook Team Visits Black Star

Marngrook Footy Team

Marngrook Footy Team

Marngrook footy show anchor Grant Hansen and one of the shows reporters Leila Gurruwiwi, dropped into QRAM and Black Star on their way to an event in Nhulunbuy.  Leila was born in Arnhem Land town of Galiwinku before going to live with family in Bendigo Victoria, where she attended primary and high school.

Leila has always had an interest in media beginning her career at Melbourne Aboriginal community radio station KND. When the opportunity came to work in television, she took it.  “At first I lacked in confidence” she said, “but I had a good support team around me”.  One of that support team and mentor to Leila has been the anchor of Marngrook, Grant Hansen. Grant has encouraged Indigenous women on the Marngrook  radio program and later took that principle to the television show on NITV.

Leila says her interest in football always remained strong. “Dad and all my cousins played football.  The people I grew up with in Bendigo, were big Carlton supporters, but it wasn’t until I moved to Melbourne and started going to the games, that I got a real appreciation of the games.”

Leila, Gurruwiwi

Leila, Gurruwiwi

Grant Hansen is an Australian Indigenous musician and broadcaster. Grant works as a host of the Marngrook Footy Show, broadcast on National Indigenous TV  and as a presenter on Melbourne’s Indigenous radio station 3KND.  He won a Deadly Award in 2000 for broadcaster of the year. Grant also calls the footy when the opportunity arises; his calls are accurate and have a lot of excitement.

When in Nhulunbuy Leila will be doing  promotion work with the Jimmy Little foundation, promoting sport and healthy eating messages, and catching up with family, while Grant will visit some old friends.

Grant Hansen

Grant Hansen

The impact of Marngrook in the Cairns region is really impressive. Grant and Leila were quickly recognised by many people, as they walked along the Esplanade markets and the town square and were continually stopped to talk about the show. When asked what they liked about the show the answer was “what’s not to like about it” .  People said that  it was entertaining, they like the panel comments, humour, and the focus on Indigenous players past and present. The only complaint was that the show was too short.

Marngrook can be seen on NITV Thursday Nights at 7.30pm.

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