SEMPTE- whats that?

Gerry first stop

Gerry first stop

To the uninitiated, SMPTE is the holy grail of broadcasting technology. It is an event and conference set in the beautiful surroundings of Sydney’s Darling Harbour at the soon to be demolished convention centre.

The slogan this year was Delivering The Personalised Content Experience. To the Black Star boys from the bush, it was an eye-opener. Every thing that opened and shut  in broadcasting industry was on show. To participate, all you needed was a ticket and if you were looking to get a bargain there were plenty of opportunities; all you needed was a good company credit card.

Most executives had their engineers with them as they looked over the merchandise. One noticeable thing was the lack of women, there were very few in both the participants and the stall holders. There were a lot of old fellas there from the old analogue days, who could be seen resting up at the various cafes spread through out the venue. They would have a drink, meet up with old mates, rest up and then take off to look at some new fandangled piece of equipment.

All of the well known companies were there, Lumina, AVCom, Audio Vault, AV Logger, BE, Commotion, Comtech, etl, Gigwave, Link, Marti, Masthead, Mier Communications, Moog,TFT, Techtel, News Boss, Sony, Enco, and many more.

You had to be a dedicated conference-goer to take in the full conference experience and attend the various sessions and listen to complicated academic presenters. There were a lot of people who took the time to have a wee snooze.

Chopper and cameras

Chopper and cameras

Choosing the right product that will improve the productivity and enhance your product is a big decision for most executives to make. A decision to change to a new platform can be a dangerous or costly mistake, but to sit back with old systems that don’t intergrate and don’t have the needed compression rates, or just aren’t smart is to lose market position and can prove just as disastrous.  Being complacent and thinking “lets stay where we are until the next SEMPTE” is to join the old analogue boys on the couches.

For the boys from the bush, it was also a testing time, as we focused our attention on the next generation of radio/audio equipment of the future.  We were looking for systems that would increase our service capability, in an ever changing world of multimedia,and particularly improve how we deliver modern seamless radio services to remote Australia. Our attention was focused on how we could improve the productivity rate of our main hub centre, increase the programming quality of our content, and assist our network partners in presenting and receiving better content.

Even though we are not the commercial industry our decision is based on the same principles. of cost efficiency, productivity and useability; in the end these will drive our final decision.

OB  van

OB van

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