What A Web Year We Had

Photo Jim Remedio

Photo Jim Remedio

Red trees on the road to NapAnt Hill Lakefield Nat ParkNPA Radio Station (1)Bloomfield river wujal

qram.com.au has reached a 12 month milestone with more than 17,000 visits to the site during the last 12 months. We like to thank all of our Black Star network operators and all of the people who allowed us to take their photographs and film in the communities. You are now forever in the cloud, as they say, up there with the rich and famous.

We enjoyed our visits to all of the communities we visited and visits continue as we work towards the next phase of the development of Queensland remote media and the Black Star network.
On this website we try to tell the story or who we are, where we go and what we do, so everyone can see the important role of remote area media and the challenges the QRAM hub and local stations face in providing the only local media for their communities.

We have had a great 12 months, connecting all of the community RIBS into a wide area network broad band service, bringing them into line with modern technology that gives them news weather entertainment and regular music updates.

Listeners can now hear us using the Black Star App, or stream us via the website. At any one time we have many people from all over the world via the website or the App streaming. We are trialling some innovative new attachments to the app  – stay tuned!

We have some exciting things happening in the next 12 months.Beginning in October we will have a breakfast program just for the network.beginning at 6 AM eastern, the show will have all of the bells and whistles of a quality breakfast program, music, news, time calls, local and national politics,interviews from communities, plus weather updates for each community. Station programs can resume their normal programs at any time of their choosing.

With the assistance of our Sponsor and primary funding body, Indigenous Broadcast Program (IBP) QRAM is now rolling out the VAST satellite radio service, which will provide a vital service to ensure that the region always on air and local station’s have choice in programming.  

QRAM also thanks the Indigenous remote Communications Association (IRCA) staff in Alice Springs for their work in providing the back up support for the VAST equipment roll out and Imparja television for their support. A special thanks to Gerry Pyne the brains behind the technical operation of QRAM.

To date the service is operating in the NPA, Hope Vale, Wujal Wujal, and will roll out to Doomadgee and Mornington island shortly and other communities coming as soon as we can co-ordinate road trips and accommodation.

The satellite service is now part of a 2 way highway allowing stations to flick between the WAN service and the Satellite programming.

Satellite programming as well as black star breakfast network program, will carry, sporting events NRL finals and AFL finals, plus cultural events from all over the country. Radio stations have the flexibility to switch between channels or just inform the hub of what events they may want for the community.The hub can enter the commands for the service and switch automatically.

Keep visiting us and we will keep you informed of what we are doing, where we have been. We will post great photographs of the scenery that makes Northern Australia, Cape York and  Gulf of Carpentaria one of the great regions of Australia. We will send you the pictures of the the people, the pristine wilderness, tropical rainforests, beautiful mountains, the dust, the floods, the cyclone watches, and the wildlife as we report on the events that happen in our part of the world.

But most of all, we thank the communities for the issuing of the Black Passport, that’s gets us anywhere at any time. We thank you and respect you all for the welcome, you give Black Star and our team when we visit.
See you on Black Star somewhere on the 13 stations in the network.

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