IRCA 2014 Festival Takes Shape

Cairns Meeting

Cairns Meeting

In an early start to organising the 2014 Remote Indigenous media festival, QRAM manager Jim Remedio and IRCA /CEO Daniel Featherstone, met in Cairns to put the preliminary structure together for a festival in North Queensland. Proposal documents will be sent to councils interested in hosting the festival in their town, and a selection committee will decide on the lucky town, sometime in early February 2014.
The festival is a growing even, which began 16 years ago as a video festival at Kintore in central Australia. In the years following the festival has grown into an important date on the calendar for agencies to attend, where they can talk and meet remote media organisations and their staff in one place.
The Festival plays a key development role for the remote Indigenous media sector, creating opportunities for producers, broadcasters, trainees and supporters from all regions to network and share their stories, skills and inspiration. It celebrates the unique value of remote community media for language and cultural maintenance, information sharing, meaningful employment and empowering communities through self-representation.
There is something for everyone at the festival, Digital Media Skills workshops will provide hands-on training opportunities in areas such as: radio documentary production, animation, video editing, music development, new media production, and online content production. For the industry participants it gives them an opportunity to bring the remote sector up to speed with job and training programs, funding opportunities and get out of the city offices and sit down on country with bush mob
We were fortunate that NPA council, which represents all of the Northern Cape York Peninsular area and the towns of Injinoo, Umagico, Bamaga, New Mapoon and Seisia were meeting in Cairns and were keen for IRCA and QRAM to make a presentation to council. There are other interested councils in North Queensland and when the decision is made IRCA and QRAM will post the information on their websites. and for information on the 2013 festival visit the IRCA website.

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