Size Matters

Receiving satellite signal in the tropics can be frustrating during the wet season. Joe Nicholls tells us in his song “Size Matters” and when it comes to satellite dishes size does indeed matter.

Sheltering from the rain
Sheltering from the rain

Rain fade, as it is commonly known, is caused by liquid rain and can even happen with a properly aimed dish. Rain fade does not come from the dish itself, it comes from the satellite being shielded by heavy cloud and during rain a bigger dish will help.
QRAM situated in the tropics in Cairns North Queensland. So as to avoid rain fade as much as possible,  we have upgraded our satellite dish and switching gear from the smaller DDH dish to a larger 3 Meter dish.
The larger dish will ensure that during overcast and light rain events that our satellite program feed to our network and our sports programming continues with minimal disruptions to the communities.

Doing up the bolts
Doing up the bolts

The general consensus on chat lines is that the use of wax, or non stick products sprayed or painted on the dish will help, but the experts tell us that these products or using a dish cover does not work and a bigger dish is the answer.

So Joe is right Size matters.

Sat Crew

Sat Crew

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