Black Star Credited With Lifting School Enrollments

Logo NPA collegeIt has been a great start for the new school year in the Northern Peninsula Area of Cape York. School attendances are up a high 15%-20% on last year and it is a good sign that the Government “closing the gap” goals  are starting to bear fruit.
NPA school

The school engaged Black Star to promote a Yumpla Day for all 3 schools in the NPA. The day consisted of activities for the kids and the parents an opportunity to engage with staff and teachers and to see what the new school products for the coming year consisted of. Black Star promoted the event in breakfast and Black Star breakfast announcer Paul James spoke with Roger Bartlett, head of the middle school leading up the Yumpla day and again after the event.

Roger Bartlett

Roger Bartlett

Roger  is convinced that the Black Star coverage was a determining influence in getting people to the day. “With quality programming offered on the Black Star FM station” he said “it was probably a crucial contributor to the 15% to 20% increase in attendance we have experienced college wide compared to this time last year”.

The popularity of Black Star’s new breakfast program has exceeded all expectations and now with a local news bulletin included in Breakfast and a 1 hour local community focus program, listeners to Black Star are getting as Roger Bartlett said a “Quality Service”.

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