Training’s The Key To Future Jobs

Lacey at Radio Adelaide

Lacey at Radio Adelaide

Lacey Ramedio joined Karina Lester on the Nganampa Wangka show to talk about Black Star Network and the work they do in supporting Queensland Remote Aboriginal Media (QRAM) here in the studios of Radio Adelaide. Lacey gave great insight into how the Network supports very remote Aboriginal Community Broadcasting Studios across the Cape Yorke Region of Queensland. She was also visiting Adelaide to get some training in the area of media for her position back in Cairns.

You can check out QRAM here:
Screen australiaThe opportunities for training in screen and media have increased the skills levels in Indigenous broadcasting, the high level of skills training part of a whole of industry approach by Screen Australia to support the training of indigenous media through the Indigenous Employment Program, IEP. QRAM partners with RTO’s with the modern expertise, modules and technology as high level training providers such as Radio Adelaide.
Based at the Adelaide University, Radio Adelaide is the longest running community radio station in the country, it is the first station to have an Indigenous program and continues to support indigenous programming on the station with several indigenous broadcasters presenting programs.
Radio AdelaideRadio Adelaide training uses modern innovative templates and technologies designed to dramatically increase the skills of students to become an all round professionals capable of working and finding a job in so many of the new media industries now on offer.

QRAM works with training providers, to bring the best training we can get for the broadcasters on remote communities and also our staff, who are tasked with running the Black Star network. Our staff member Lacey has undertaken training at Radio Adelaide under a training package with Screen Australia a commonwealth government sponsored industry training initiative, which is breaking new ground in supporting indigenous skills development.

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