On the Road Again

QRAM Directors Aaron Teddy, Burt Edwards and Bobby Thompson recently hit the road,  travelling with QRAM Manager Gerry Pyne north to the tip of Cape York.

Aaron Bery Bob Gerry Injinoo

Aaron, Bert Bob and Gerry at Injinoo

Along the way they stopped in at Lockhart River and Portland Roads. The road was good (relatively speaking) as we left a trail of dust in our rear view mirror. One the first night – it being NRL finals – there was some concern that we might not get to see the Cowboys match as there is no mains power at Portland Roads.  But our friendly host Sherrie at the Out of the Blue Café filled up the generator and we were set for the night.


Aaron Teddy, Bobby Thompson and Bert Edwards


Water Lillis at the Jardine river crossing (Fresh Water)

We finally made it all the way to the top on the following day after crossing the Jardine. It was the first trip all the way to the top by road for the four of us and is was a memorable journey. Well worth it and a must do for anyone that likes to get off the beaten track.


At the tip of Cape York (Bert Edwards, Bobby Thompson and Aaron Teddy)

Our destination was the 16th Remote Indigenous Media Festival hosted by IRCA and QRAM taking place at the NPA for the first time. Must do that trip again some day and make sure to pack the fishing rod….


Jardine River Ferry Crossing (Aaron Teddy and Gerry Pyne)

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