Yarrabah Online with the latest Broadcast Technology

Yarrabah BlackStar is now running the latest Zetta technology;  the first station in the Cairns area to introduce the new systems.

Zetta Screen Shot

Zetta Screen Shot

QRAM engineering staff were on site at Yarrabah today and brought the new systems on line mid afternoon.

For Yarrabah listeners, Zetta will allow us to provide a whole new range of features, with added reliability and smoother listening for Yarrabah listeners. Listeners will now enjoy a better listening experience. This will allow the introduction of more local content that is specific to people in Yarrabah as well as music at an even higher quality.

QRAM is now involved with testing the newest version of ZETTA and is one of just a few organisations worldwide running the latest release under close liaison with RCS systems staff and product managers in Australia and the US.

There are now four Black Star radio services running this latest broadcasting software and QRAM is about to undertake a rollout for the remaining services over the dry season. This will add a new dynamic for remote broadcasting in this country and this will go a long way in assisting remote communities in  any ways. Getting kids to school, creating jobs and keeping remote communities safer are all objectives that are being deployed through QRAM’s innovative approach to broadcasting through remote Queensland.

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