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Radio World is a leading news source for the broadcast radio industry globally, published in 5 editions – in English, French and Spanish – including the Radio World International edition.

The feature story in the latest edition profiles the innovative work of QRAM in remote Queensland.

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Davide Moro’s article gives a snapshot of the Black Star radio service to the world, and looks at the development of radios role in the developing world. Alongside the Black Star network, you can find articles about radio in countries including Tanzania, Malawi, China, Libya, Ghana, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Australia’s Indigenous broadcasting radio service are, by global standards, well-funded by Government.

This level of support has allowed QRAM to develop its radio service into a world quality broadcasting network using cutting edge technology to deliver quality services to Australia’s remote communities.

QRAM / Black Star has 14 transmitters located across North Queensland the Gulf of Carpentaria Western Queensland and soon to roll out new services in Lakeland Downs and Croydon.  QRAM’s aim is to complete the network over time, targeting the other ‘black spots’, places where Indigenous communities in Queensland don’t have access to their own radio services.

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