Black Star on the Mulligan Highway

The Mulligan Highway is the inland road from Cairns to Cooktown, named after the famous prospector James Venture Mulligan, who found the gold deposits that started Palmer River. The southern part of this highway goes through the area with a lot of mining history.
Travelling on the Mulligan Highway to Cooktown, Palmer River, Lakeland Downs, Hopevale, Archer Point, Laura, Wujal Wujal and places in between used to be a lonely drive for radio listeners – relying on CD’s and cassette tapes to break the monotony of the long drive.  Like this one…..
But now there’s a new sound along the Mulligan.
Black Star Lakeland Downs on 100.5 FM delivers a pristine sound from south of Palmer River to Black Mountain; then flick over to Cooktown 96.9 FM giving an uninterrupted 130 kilometre service through to Cooktown and Hopevale.
If you are travelling north on the Peninsular Development Road leave it locked on 100.5FM and enjoy the service through to Laura.
The Lakeland Downs and the Cooktown services are unique.  Both run 100% digital processing to the transmitter, providig high quality audio, the same as the best radio in capital cities.
Black Star thanks the Cook Shire and their staff for all of their assistance getting this sub network of Black Star operational. It is still growing with services being considered for Coen, Ayton and Laura which will give residents and travellers reliable radio services, keeping Cook Shire in touch with their many communities.
Mulligan highway sign



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