Black Star Switches on Coen

Following a long wait for a local radio service the people in the Cape Yorke town of Coen, the second largest town in the Cape, tuned into Black Star Radio, and have stayed locked on ever since.

Being a rusted on Black Star listener through out remote Queensland towns and communities is being in touch with the outside world and other communities.

On a day, when he was receiving an award for innovation for his design and work associated with the Black Star network, Gerry Pyne was in Coen, climbing a tower and installing the 22nd Black Star service. on the Black Star network.

Gerry said “it was hot up there mate! The rungs on the tower ladder were so hot, I thought i would lose my grip.”

“It was a bit scary up there.”

It didn’t take long before the grapevine was in action. Everyone in Coen knew that Black Star was in town, and they soon had their old radios out and tuning to the new station.

Being a Black Star Network station, Coen receives 24/7 on the hour news and weather services, their own local information and their own program daily log,new music up dates on a regular basis For all purposes they are their own local station and have 24 hour network support from Cairns Hub.

Its a good time, to thank the Cook Shire for providing the Site facility tower, air-conditioning and power, and also recognise continued support of IAS Cairns Office.

Practically all of the Cape towns and communities are now covered by Black Star leaving only Laura and Mossman Gorge to complete the network.

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