Warren Entsch thanks his supporters on Black Star

Speaking on Black Star Radio, newly re-elected Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch thanked his supporters and said it was now time to begin rolling out the things he had committed to. He described Labor as running “a nonsense campaign in the communities, claiming ownership of many of the communities, and that communities fall for that nonsense.”

Mr Entsch said he was disappointed in some communities, saying that it doesn’t matter how much you do for them, they always say “how much more can you give me”, and there is not enough credit for what has been achieved.

He said the bigger centres like Cooktown, Weipa, Mossman, Port Douglas and Cairns seem to appreciate what he has done in the past and he increased his support there.

Hear Warrens complete interview including what he has planned for the next three years of his time as an “environmental warrior” for Cape Yorke. He wants to work with community rangers and other groups to begin the task of cleaning the beaches of plastics washed ashore from trawlers, shipping and on the currents from Asia to be dumped on the pristine environment of the Cape.

Listen to Warren here:




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