Anaemia cause for concern throughout the Cape

Karni Thompson

Kani Thompson Apunipima

Eat more natural bush tuckka, could be the recipe to avoid anaemia. Greg Reid, interviewing Kani Thomson and  Dymema Lenard from Apunipima Health Council spoke about Anaemia and the causes, on Black Star morning focus today about the high rates of Anaemia among indigenous people in Cape York communities.

The Mums and Bubs program team  one of many health teams at Apunipima looks at good health for mothers and babies and one of the health issues that has comes up is that childhood anaemia, has become an emerging problem. The team works with mums, they talk about “weak blood”, which means that  there is not enough iron in their blood. The team stresses the importance of iron as it gives energy and is important for brain function in little kids. The team talk about good die,t which includes iron rich foods like meat, bush meats wallaby, kangaroo, turtle, fish, and sea food all of the traditional foods that people lived on and still use on their daily diets.

The author of the anaemia health document Dymema Lenard having worked with Kani said “they both new about the problem” with anaemia so she took the chance and went back to university to research. Using the “mums and bubs program” information she was able to extract information on how much anaemia was in mums and bubs and published the information.

Listen to the interview here

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