Kapani Warriors fight it out in Aurukun

These guys are tough and they mean business, according to their mentor Dr Timothy White, they are not gammin game show participants all buffed up,  they are the real deal. They will be battling for the inaugural Kapani Cup in range of events to test the teams in endurance, mental, bush and hunting skills. The event is to be held in Aurukun on the 11th to 13th of July.

The event has created a lot of interest and will be the first engagement of the new Governor General as he will travel to Aurukun to present the cup to the winning team. Teams are coming from all over the Cape and Gulf country and  Yarabah.

The Warrior Program is for men between the age of 18 to 30 and utilises a conditioning model underpinned by an intensive behaviour modification techniques. Warriors are exposed to stress in a contained environment and supported and trained to manage their own emotional situations.

 The program was developed to address the high levels of domestic violence within Indigenous communities and works directly with male offenders of domestic violence, individuals at risk of engaging in domestic violence, and individuals with a history of violent behaviour and aggression against other individuals and property.

Aurukun is gearing up for a big week and expectant of a large following from other communities, there will be entertainment and food that will ensure a great atmosphere and community spirit.

 Listen to Dr Timothy White here

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