Andy Paine. One Big Pain for ADANI

Andy Paine described as a climate change warrior, spoke to Greg Reid on Black Star of his concern about coal its effect on climate change and about the threats and the disconnect  with a society, that does little about it. He says that the proposed Adani Carmichael Mine, is the latest step in a  society who say they are concerned about climate change, but refuses to take the action required to stop it from happening and as a consequence, climate change has become the focal point of activism in Australia.

Adani Protesters

Adani Protesters

The threat of secondary boycotts wont change the minds or the resolve of Andy Paine and the very energised, dedicated and vocal people protesting against Adani.

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’s choice of language  addressing mining industry people made it clear how he views some environmental protesters as Radical, and Extreme Anarchists, he is now signalling he will legislate to stop, what he says is their threat to commercial decisions and the economy.

Andy Paine says these mass protests are having an effect, as there are mass numbers of Australians who are concerned about climate change and community action has had an effect on companies pulling out and saying they wont work with Adani or other coal mines he attributes that a success of the environment movement and threats of punitive measures on protesters will not break their resolve.

Adani Protest

Adani protest


“We who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


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