“Stayin’ eSafe”

QRAM and eSafety Project Launches today!!

QRAM is very proud to be a part of the eSafety project to promote online safety in regional and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities.

” I am delighted to formally launch the Stayin’ eSafe project, I would like to say that eSafety shares the common goal with QRAM of working in innovative ways to better prepare Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to deal with the digital challenges that children and young people face today. This is a really important project and it is a great partnership we have. We will make a hugely valuable contribution to have young people safer online and by empowering children, young people and community members with safer online behaviours.

I am thrilled that QRAM’s project “Stayin’ eSafe’ was an awarded an Online Safety Grant and I am so very proud to be able to officially launch these resources.”

Julie Inman Grant – eSafety Commissioner – Monday 27/09/2021

For those who might have missed the interview on Black Star Radio with Julie Inman Grant and Black Star announcer Mark Hogan, here it is….

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