Black Star Tablelands

Tableland Black Star Coverage area

Tableland Black Star Coverage area

License Type:  Broadcast Radio License (TCBL)
Date of Issue 13/2/2013
Service License No: SL 1130216
License Number:  1171838
Site ID:  141069
ERP  2kW
Frequency:  96.7 MHz FM
Site location: Bones Knob Tolga

Black Star Atherton commenced broadcasting on 27 March 2013 and was part of the Black Star Network from the start.

The Service covers a number of large and small towns across the Atherton Tablelands. including the major centres of Mareeba, Yungaburra, Malanda, Atherton, Speewah,  Tolga and Kuranda as well as the Lotus Glen.

There are a total of 18 rainforest Aboriginal tribal  groups with 20,000 Aboriginal people living in the region which include the  Mullunburra people, a clan of the Yidinji nation. Their country extended from the Mulgrave River  where they lived during the winter months to the uplands of the Atherton  Tablelands around Ravenshoe in the summer months.  Other Indigenous traditional owners are the Ngadjon-jii.

Yamani Country: A Spatial History of The Atherton Tablelands North Queensland is a research paper by Sandra Pannell from James Cook University in Cairns with input from the Traditional Owners.  The  paper is available here:

Cultural Dancer

Cultural Dancer

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area extends from Townsville in the south to  Cooktown in the north and covers 900 000 hectares. Although it represents 0.1% of the land surface of Australia,  it has the highest diversity of species on the continent. The Wet Tropics has  the world’s oldest, continually surviving tropical rainforests. Inseparable  from the natural heritage, the area is also recognised as a series of living  cultural landscapes being the homelands of rainforest Aboriginal people.  Their lives, customs and beliefs are intricately entwined with the plants,  animals, waterways and seasons of the tropical rainforests which have provided  food, shelter, medicine and a way of life to the rainforest Aboriginal people  since time immemorial. The aborigines lived in harmony with the country for over  40,000 years before white invasion. It is still a living culture and accessible for all to  experience if they choose.

8 responses to “Black Star Tablelands

  1. Black Star Tablelands 96.7 FM you Rock!
    I listened to you guys most days most days (ssshhh! very day), I just wish I could get you back on my radio in my car, since my granddaughter had my car few months ago and blown the fuse I seam can’t get your radio stay put, not giving up on trying 😏😢
    Love your music🎶🎵 you all doing a wonderful job. . .keep it up 🎵🎶💖👍
    Have a fantastic and wonderful day.

  2. Why can’t bio security figure out that if the remote towns are isolated then there is NO NEED to shut the communities down and allow local trade to continue. Genius!

  3. Enjoying radio in morning- what has changed ??? Not hearing the 70-80-90’s why. Can’t handle the metal. Please change back 🙏

  4. I have so enjoyed your extremely wide range of music and not just the “hits” like the other radio stations. Also the fact that there is no giggling idiots as announcers and very little talking from the announcers, just music. But recently you have become a little repetitive with your music selections. There are so many songs out there you do not need to repeat them. Thanks

    • Thanks for taking the time to email us Pam. Your comments will be forwarded to our Production Team.
      Have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi we have just found Black Star 967 and we just LOVE IT great music. We would like to have it on our favourites on our app called Radio App to listen as we travel around Australia but we can’t find it there 😢. Can you suggest a way in which we can get it on there please.

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