Pormpuraaw Band Pupurr

Most Friday nights at the Pormpuraaw Club you can catch their live band Pupurr, featuring Elliot Koonutta on lead guitar and vocals, Peter Goompa on drums, Tom Beni on rhythm guitar and  QRAM Board member Bert Edwards on bass. On the recent QRAM maintenance trip to Porpuraaw, we got lucky and were in the right place at the right time to make this first recording of the band,

Pupurr means ‘Firestick’ in English, and this song’s English title in ‘Sun Going Down In The West’.  It was written by Herbert Yunkaporta Junior.

We recorded two takes only in the lunch break; we had about 20 minutes all up before the boys had to get back to work.  And we only had the mic on our Sony HD video camera, but it’s not bad eh?

This is a quick and rough edit just for a taste, and to show you a bit of their home on the Western side of Cape York, on the big Edward River.  I’ll need some better editing facilities for the full clip, which you can look out for on You Tube soon.  And check out more of Pormpuraaw by clicking here or going to the Radio Stations Menu above and scrolling down to the Pormpuraaw page.

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