Kelvin Kong joins ear health project

This month the team from QRAM’s ear health project ‘Listen Up – For Life’ caught up Associate Professor Kelvin Kong, an Aboriginal ear, nose and throat specialist who was Australia’s first Indigenous surgeon.

Kelvin had this message for parents and carers who aren’t sure whether they should get their child’s ears checked.

“Remove that fear of getting checked out,” he told us. “It’s very, very simple. It’s very, very easy.”

“If it means that your child can hear again, it’s going to make a big difference and big impact – not only on the home front, but most importantly on the school front and their learning and their ability to progress in life.”

“It’s a fun thing to do, it’s easy to do, it’s harmless, it doesn’t hurt, and it’s pretty straightforward.”

“So feel welcome to come along to any hearing clinic.”

You can tune into ‘Listen Up – For Life’ on your local radio station.

Remember that regular checks of your child’s ear health with give them a strong start in life.  

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