Legend Aven Noah Drops In to QRAM

Aven Noah Jim Remedio

Torres Strait Regional Authority Deputy Chair Aven Noah, left, with QRAM Manager Jim Remedio

Well know Torres Strait Island identity Bala Aven Noah dropped in to QRAM to look us over and learn about the Black Star Network in Cape York, the Gulf and Western Queensland . Aven is no stranger to broadcasting following a 27 year career as the front man and  manager of 4MW Radio Torres Strait. Aven is stationed on his homeland Murray Islands (Mer) which is situated on the continental shelf about 350 kilometres east of from Thursday Island.  Murray Islands are now a key place in Australian history, as the home of Eddie Mabo and his struggle for land rights   Mabo brought the passionate fight for recognition and land to the attention of the world. After a long struggle with the Australian Government which eventually ended in the Australian High Court , the Mabo ruling brought dignity of land ownership to Murray Islanders and a pathway for claims on the Australian mainland. Aven Noah & Jim Remedio

Aven Noah has inherited the vision and  strength that is obviously in the DNA of Murray Islanders. During his time at the head of Radio Torres Strait, he bought a vision and passion to the importance of Indigenous voices and culture to all of the Torres Strait islands and beyond. Thursday Island. Aven is now the Deputy Chair of the Torres Strait Regional Authority TSRA. He has the very important portfolio of Languages, Culture and Arts.

During his visit to QRAM he took a very keen interest in what we have done with Black Star and is keen to discuss with QRAM the recent developments in the formation of an Indigenous Media Northern Alliance,  to improve communication services in the Torres Strait.

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