IRCA & Radio Torres Strait Radio Visit BlackStar

Daniel featherston Jall ToveQRAM hosted a visit from IRCA CEO Daniel Featherstone and Radio Torres Strait Manager Jann Torv who were in Cairns for remote broadcasting discussions. It was a good time to also have a RIMO Managers teleconference with technicians and IRCA support staff,  to discuss important issues facing the remote broadcasting sector.

The primary focus was on the roll out of VAST digital decoders to the RIBS stations. VAST is the new platform which will replace the Optus satellite and will send content to the stations through digital receivers which will be then be broadcast on analogue transmitters to the communities and towns in remote Australia.

Discussions  have been ongoing for quite some and now there is light at the end of the tunnel as the funding issues are sorted out, the delivery date and installation dates are now being finalised. Both visitors were very interested in the Black Star network and impressed with the innovation and the feedback. Jann is interested in looking at all options in the roll out of new techonology that will assist the RIBS growth in the Torres Strait.Gilmore Johnson Dariel Featherstone Jim remedio Jann Tove 4MW

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