Black Star Goes Multicultural

Marcia and Taria from Urganda

Marcia and Taria from Uganda

QRAM and Black Star staff joined in the Cairns Multi Cultural Day and experienced the cultural dancing and food from many nations.  The ever changing face of Australia was evident from the number of nationalities present. Despite the debate over refugees arriving by boat, and the intolerance by some in the nation, the people at the multi cultural day could be characterised by their tolerance and engagement in a multicultural Cairns and the broader Australia.

The food well HELLO!!! What would Australia and all of the television cooking shows be without multicultural Australia? There are only so many ways you can cook spuds and lamb chops.  But I must say the old mutton flaps cooked over an open fire takes some beating; the Koories in Victoria’s early days thought so, they speared the odd woolly jumbuck.

The Nasi Goring was great with the curried seafood, and there were ample amounts of other dishes. The dancing was simply spectacular and engaging, everyone shared their culture and their food and vowed to do it all again next year.

Black Star Girls multi Cultural day

Black Star Girls on Multicultural Day

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