Broadcasting Talent Unearthed

QRAM unearthed loads of talent during the recent accredited Broadcasting certificate training in Cairns. With our RTO training partners TAFE in Cairns we had a great success rate with 7 community broadcasters stepping up and getting their Cert III courses and III others with Cert II.

Sticks  gets the close up with QRAM's Lacey

Sticks gets the close up with QRAM’s Lacey

The certificates open new pathways for the guys, giving them other options and opportunities to move to other platforms of learning and seek jobs in other areas.
The training and skills learnt are a great building block; for some it was the first time since they left school that they received this level of formal accredited training. Community life has its ups and downs and not always possible to achieve such outcomes.

Training Under the Black Star

Training Under the Black Star

For QRAM and the Black Star network it adds to the number of Indigenous broadcasters in remote communities and that’s a good thing. The training is a shared responsibility between the partners, TAFE pay some, QRAM pay some, The students pay some, the Commonwealth pay some, everybody wins. The success of this model is based on engaging with industry people involved in day to day communications. The model builds confidence, self esteem and meets national training strategies. I can imagine the look on their faces when they receive their certificates and from QRAM well done to the broadcasters and the training staff and all of our partners.

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