Post Office Boy

Post office BoyEvery town has one.  The big pineapple, the big lobster, the big banana, the Story Bridge, the Flinders Street Station Clock and the Sydney Opera House.

Kowanyama has Post Office Boy,  a Brahman Bullock that wanders the town and has set up camp outside the Post Office.  Post Office Boy is not on a pedestal for the crows  to crap all over. This boy is real and he wanders the town like he owns it. He goes from house to house getting a green pick where ever he can, minding his own business. Everyone loves him, but they all give him a wide berth and they let him have his head.

Legend has it that he did his time as a rodeo bull and no one could ride him. A lot of men tried. some men died.  He escaped the rodeo circuit when the truck transporting him and others rolled over.  Poster Boy survived and made his way through town towards the long paddock and sweet grass alongside the river.

On his way he went past the Post Office where he saw a beautiful girl and fell madly in love.  She went into the Post Office yard to escape his advances and never came out,  Heart-broken he has wandered the town looking for her and he has been returning to the post office every day hoping one day his beloved will be there waiting for him.

It is then that they will take the long journey to the long paddock together. But until he meets her again he will continue his vigil outside the Kowanyama Post Office.

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