Doomadgee turns on to Blackstar

A field trip to Doomadgee last week revealed that the whole community at Doomadgee is turned onto their local Black Star station.

Local announcer Sai Matainavora said “Its like the days when I grew up. We all had our IMG_1614_0780transistor radio all of the time and now people in Doomadgee are returning to the radio because of the music, news and local information they are hearing”.

People are buying up big on radios in the community so they can all stay tuned in. They get constant requests for the music and at the moment the most requested song in Doomadgee is Geronimo by Sheppard.

The day the QRAM team was there, several people knocked on the front door of the station and asked for requests and a bus load of footballers came to the door and were enquiring about the station.

Black Star has lifted the community at Doomadgee – especially the kids who all enjoy the bright modern music. The station looks great from the outside and it can be heard all over town. People at Doomadgee really appreciate their local RIBS and it is an important tool for keeping the community informed.

Find our more about Doomadgee here, and  just to get down Doomadgee style, here’s Geronimo by Brisbane band Sheppard, which you might be suprised to know is the first Australian no 1 song to be recorded in Brisbane!


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