Everywhere You Go It’s Black Star!

AmyThe Black Star team travelled up to the NPA last week for the National Remote Indigenous Media Festival and sprinkled Black Star Dust everywhere as part of the festivities.

The Black Star brand was everywhere during the festival and people were remarking “everywhere you go it’s Black Star!”. Bus loads of delegates were singing as the drivers turned up the radio and Francis Kelly of “The Bush Mechanics” said “I’m the Black Star!” as others joined in with the same.

QRAM called the radio network Black Star when it began in 2010 as a way to create a distinct identity that people can take ownership of.

OB Bernie's Kai KaiIMG_1932As part of the festival, RIBS operators from across the country presented programs on Black Star as many of the their home country RIMO’s re-transmitted the feed into other parts of remote Australia. NPA locals loved the atmosphere around town as they listened to voices from across the country on their radios.

Injinooo Dancers

QRAM’s Team with the Injinoo Dancers at the opening of the Festival

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