Black Star Gears up for Normanton

Within a few weeks there will be a new sound in Normanton!

Black Star’s newest station goes to air on May 1st and our engineering crew is now putting the finishing touches on the equipment here at QRAM central before it is shipped for installation. Shane Gibson is doing the commissioning for the service, which will be installed at Normanton with coverage expected to extend as far as Karumba.  The new service will operate on 98.5 FM and we will be inviting feedback from the area as we turn on come May.

We are expecting the service to really take off in the area, which is a part of remote Queensland that has not had its own radio service before.

The journey to a new service at Normanton has been something QRAM has worked on with the local community since 2012. Click here to see the beginnings when Kukatj lady Francine George and Lardil lady Susan Sewter from Mornington Island came to look at options for the Normanton and Burketown regions, and here to see the next step unfold in 2013 when ATSI Affairs in Queensland approved the funding.

The picture below shows Shane testing the equipment for the new service. This is the latest digital technology and includes the new Zetta playout system and the world-renowned Nautel solid state FM Transmitter.

Shane Gibson Tests The New Normanton Black Star Equipment

Shane Gibson Tests The New Normanton Black Star Equipment

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