New Black Star Studios at Yarrabah

Plans to develop the new Yarrabah radio studio for Black Star radio were put in place this week after QRAM’s Gerry Pyne and Gilmore Johnston sat down with Yarrabah CEO(Janelle Menzies and Deputy Mayor Councillor Mark Wilson.  The new studio will be built within the Yarrabah Community at its new IKC / Library building.

Councilor Mark Wilson, CEO Janelle Menzies, Gilmore Johnston

Councilor Mark Wilson, CEO Janelle Menzies, Gilmore Johnston

This exciting development will increase local content and strengthen the voice of Yarrabah and there is plenty of enthusiasm around town about it.

Black Star’s success at places like Doomadgee and the NPA at integrating local community recourses into regular radio programming locally is attracting lots of attention at various levels of Government and within other communities. Schools attendances, community awareness of programs running within local communities and the ability for Councils and Governments to deliver messages at grass roots level with a high degree of success is driving unprecedented interest in the Black Star Radio brand.

New IKC/Library/Radio Building - Yarrabah

New IKC/Library/Radio Building – Yarrabah

Yarrabah continues to demonstrate its progressive drive to move the community forward  in many ways with measured success in key areas and QRAM is looking forward to assisting with enhanced facilities at Yarrabah that will allow more local voices and information to hit their airwaves there.

Black Star Radio has been a welcome and successful venture in Yarrabah since is began transmission there just over a year ago. Councillor Mark Wilson commented that most people in Yarrabah listen to Black Star on 92.9 these days.

The new studios will facilitate greater engagement with the local community for all groups and organisations including the School, Health providers, Council, Police and Emergency Services.

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