Esme says Black Star is the Greatest Radio Station ever!

Congratulations to Esme Newman from Bamaga who was the first competition entry drawn to answer the phone on Gilmore’s breakfast program this morning.

Esme picks up two return airfares to Cairns and accommodation – all compliments of Rex Airlines, Cairns Colonial Club Resort and Black Star Radio.

The competition was held to celebrate the start up of Rex Airlines Cairns NPA service and we received an incredible enthusiastic response from NPA listeners.

Esme is a big fan and says “Love Love Love Black Star Radio !!! I start my day driving to work by tuning into the most popular radio station in the NPA, the easy listening and greatest music of all times for all ages, I turn on the radio now at most of our family events, its a crowd pleaser! But mostly I really love to listen to the very “SEXY” voice of the radio announcer Gilmore Johnson – you definitely brighten up my day haaahaa 🙂 Black Star Radio the Greatest Radio Station Ever!”

Black Star Radio thanks Rex Airlines and Cairns Colonial Club Resort for sponsoring this competition.

Hear Esme as she learns of her win live on this morning’s program here:

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