Normanton service now on air and testing on 98.5FM

Normanton Water Tower - Antenna site for 98.5 Black Star

Normanton Water Tower – Antenna site for 98.5 Black Star

There’s a new sound in the air at Normanton today, now we have turned on the newly installed transmission equipment in the centre of town, for their new Black Star radio service.

The service is now under test and will officially begin in mid May.  Thanks to the Carpentaria Shire Council, QRAM has installed the new service at the well equipped council transmission site at the water tower in Brodie Street.   A local studio for the town is part of the next stage of development.

We welcome listeners throughout the Normanton region and encourage you to let us know what you think by sending feedback or suggestions to

The Gulf Cronicle

The Gulf Cronicle


The service is currently running at 100 watts. So far today we’re taken a run out to Karumba, 70 kms to the north. on the Gulf.  The signal was clear all the way with excellent reception in Karumba, so there are good prospects for coverage across the region, including the many Aboriginal owned outstations and cattle properties.

Tune to 98.5 FM when in Normanton for the latest news, weather, local information and the best mix of music in high quality stereo on your local Black Star Radio service.


Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign

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