Mornington Island Airport Closure – Public Notice


Mornington Shire aerodrome update

Tues 12 JAN 2016

Mornington Shire Council’s civil crew, led by Director of Infrastructure Andrew “Fergus” Thompson, were able to obtain necessary materials from Carpentaria Council and barge it over last Friday night.

The crew commenced repairs early Saturday morning and worked throughout the weekend to conduct necessary works. This morning, an inspection revealed the compaction of the repaired section is going well. Council staff will complete the final 10ml sheeting on the repaired area today (Jan 12), roll this and allow 24 hours for stabilisation. All expectations are that by this time tomorrow morning (Jan 13) the entire length of runway will be open again.

Council will be advised of the contingency plan from Rex in moving forward, as they will not be able to land their SAAB craft on the runway under revised weight restrictions.

This information will be disseminated amongst the community and stakeholders once Council are informed of way forward. Dictated by CEO FRANK MILLS Please contact for any further information related to this release.



2 responses to “Mornington Island Airport Closure – Public Notice

  1. Thank you or your inquiry Erica. Mornington Shire Council advised on January 13th that they were hopeful the airport would re-open within the next 2 days. For updates please listen to Black Star Radio or visit the shire’s web site at

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