Northern Alliance Meets in Melbourne

With Xmas in the air the Indigenous Media Alliance took time out to get together in Melbourne as guests of 3KND on Wurundji country.

Despite the impacts of colonisation, the strong bonds between Wurundjeri families and clans could not be broken and the Wurundjeri remain active in the community today – practising culture, performing ceremonies and passing on knowledge to younger generations.

The Alliance partners all show a common bond with the Wurundji, as all have experienced the impact of colonisation and the part they play in media, to tell the stories of the past and embraces the changes of the future, in getting kids to school, safer communities, economic development.

The meeting was positive, many issues of policy put on the table for discussion, including a discussion paper around the development of a peak body to better represent and advocate on behalf of national indigenous media, with emphasis on proper consultation with the various organisations and direction from the constituent indigenous media organisations.

An exciting development is the plan for

Northern Alliance

Northern Alliance

Alliance partners developing a common content site connected by WAN, that will allow the remote indigenous media organisations and their RIBS stations to freely load content and store forward programs, podcasts and other social media content for others to use as and when they want to schedule into their daily programs.

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