BLACK  Innovation “See How They Go”

Black Stars Gilmore Johnston & Gerry Pyne on the road again this time to Yarrabah; 40km by road from Cairns Queensland or if you are a little more adventurous how about try a 20 minute dinghy ride but please remember to bring bathers, snorkel and towel (or you run the risk of been envious of a missed opportunity). 

On this recent road trip over the Yarrabah range we accompanied representatives from the Department of Prime Ministers & Cabinet, Commonwealth Department of Health, Dentsu Mitchell a Commonwealth government advertising agency and Black Star Radio projects partner 26 Letters. 

After a little tech talk with our guests they were able to get a first hand look at the genius and innovation that’s behind the Black Star Radio Network – largely  credited to the brands success.  We hope the visitors will take their experience back to the cities and spread the word about the cutting edge world class leading innovation that’s coming straight out of Yarrabah and other towns and isolated communities across Cape York & Gulf Country. 

Black Star Radio Manager Gerry Pyne points out the lean mean transmitter site (Don’t judge a book by its cover)


Excited when we showed them the Yarrabah Radio Transmission Site, (Left) Mashelia from Dentsu Mitchell (Right) Sophie from Commonwealth Department of Health

Black Star Gilmore Johnston a Descendant of Gunganji Nation the Traditional Custodians from Yarrabah, welcomed the visitors and showed them some of the hot spots in and around the community. This included visiting the Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service and Gunganji Land & Sea Rangers. Gilmore said “they all enjoyed their experience and no doubt will share many stories about their eventful day in Yarrabah”.


Time for a selfie what A beautiful day at the office “Yarrabah Bay”


Jimmy Richards Gunganji Senior Land & Sea Ranger


On another note our visit to the local health service one of our crew members fell ill and had to be taken straight into to the emergency room. We would like to inform you that the crew member was discharged from the hospital and is recovering well. He is grateful for the help and support he received from all the staff at Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service, Yarrabah Hospital & Yarrabah Queensland Ambulance Service. 

This unfortunate event highlights that essential services like the radio and community controlled health service are important to locals in closing the gap but also overarching to guests and visitors accross our regions. Providing the need for up to the minute reliable information and/or urgent medical attention  with a rapid response time from skilled professionals with intimate local knowledge. Often debated the much needed crucial infrastructure, services and training such as that demonstrated by the people of Yarrabah are pivotal for the creation of safe healthy cohesive prosperous communities across Australia. 

Photo taken at the opening of Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service August 2014 Left – QRAM Office Manager Lacey Remedio with Health Promotion Officer Dixi Hari

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