Black Star Activates Emergency Warning Systems

With the development of a Tropical Low in the Gulf of Carpentaria this afternoon QRAM has activated its emergency services warning systems for the communities of Mornington Island, Doomadgee, Normanton and Kowanyama. The Bureau is predicting the formation of a Category 1 system later today and it will affect communities in the south western gulf region.

Emergency weather updates will now be broadcast throughout the evening and into the following days to communities covered by Black Star Radio.

Black Star’s unique high tech system is not dependant on satellite technology and does not suffer outages due to rain fade during cyclone threats. In remote communities all other forms of public media (Radio and TV) usually experience outages due to their dependency on satellite systems and this is where Black Star has proven itself a reliable information source time after time.

Emergency updates will be broadcast after the news each hour as of 3:00pm today.

Detailed information is available on the Bureau of Meteorology web site

Tropical Low

Tropical Low

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